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This is one of the most asked questions I get....with good reason!
What you wear can make or break your family photo session.
Not to worry....I've got some tips to help you create the perfect look for your family - yay!


#1 - start with YOU!! You're the one who booked the session, you're the one who will be showing the photos off, and you're the one
who cares about family photos.  Making sure you feel comfortable and beautiful is a great start to having great photos! So...
find something you feel beautiful in - and then coordinate everyone else to you  (long flowing dresses are incredibly flattering
as well as emotive and dimensional...)


#2 - If you know where you'll be hanging the photos - look at the colors in that room...that may be a great place to start
in deciding what colors you want to start with.


#3 - Think about how you want the photos to feel/look.... casual, fancy, trendy, simple, timeless...etc.  This will help your
photographer pin down the perfection location.


#4 - Also, decide if you want a city/nature/studio backdrop for your photos. Each has its own look/feel.  Once you've decided
what backdrop you'd prefer, the feel you want, and you have your colors; its much easier to pick an exact location that will pull everything 
together.  Matching clothes to a location/feel creates a beautiful look, that helps the family session look seamless and professional.


#5 - gone are the days of matching!  Try not to match anyone in the grouping.  What you're after is a blended look. It helps to
go to the paint section and pull the colors you've decided on....then pull the cards that have matching tones - keep these in your purse as you shop.
This helps everyone to be blended - but not matching. (This is awesome to do when you have an extended family photo session....get each family a set of paint chips)


#6 - layers and textures are a great way to add dimension and richness to a photograph.  Subtle/neutral prints are also a great way to add personality.


#7 - remember the shoes!! Shoes and accessories complete an outfit. Dress shoes almost always look better than everyday tennis shoes.


#8 - when in doubt - go simple. If you're still in doubt, send a picture to your photographer and ask for help:)


Here are some examples to show you how combining clothes/color/feel/backdrop will make your family photo session look amazing!

What do I wear for family photos?!

what to wear example2.jpg
what to wear example4.jpg
what to wear example3.jpg
what to wear example1.jpg
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